Examples of what we have funded

Here are a few examples of recent projects the P&C has funded.

In 2010, your P&C paid over $50,000 for the bus shelter in Harbord Rd and the Year 12 COLA as well as spending $10,000 on the ongoing grounds school master plan. In 2011 $25,000 was allocated to the Quad shade structure and a further $25,000 set aside for seating, landscaping and entrance upgrades. Each year $20,000 is allocated to presentation nights, farewells, inductions and excellence funds.  Other improvements such as water tanks and solar panels were all funded by you.


The New Shade Structure in the Quad


Plans have been drafted for a new library masterplan with a sizeable allocation from annual contributions being put aside for the construction in a few years’ time. Each year considerable library funds are allocated for new books and behind the scenes IT infrastructure such as Click view, cameras and computer hubs, cabling and PC upgrades. These library and building funds are crucial for the ongoing maintenance of an old building and computer infrastructure that requires constant upgrading.

Since 2012 other projects have included:

  • new seating in the quad and around the basketball court
  • new basketball hoops
  • new seating, concrete slabs and wheelie bins in the Pines area
  • new wall along the canteen with seating
  • planting and landscaping in many areas
  • vegetable and herb gardens for the canteen
  • shelving for band instruments
  • upgrades to the boys toilets

In 2014 we have commenced work on a project to build a covered area between the entrance to the quad from the school reception to the toilets so that students don’t have to brave the inclement elements.

In addition new entrances are being built along Abbott Rd, Harbord Rd and the staff entrance.  See here for more details.

Without assistance from our families the school would have paid for all of the above from general funds meaning that the school foyer upgrade, drama space and a multitude of other upgrades would have remained unfunded.