Below is a brief dscription of the main committees. More can be found on other pages on this site or by contacting a committee member.

Canteen: The MSC P&C Canteen subcommittee meets once a term and runs a healthy canteen which complies with the NSW State Government guidelines. Our canteen employs a permanent supervisor and two assistants who jobshare, and together they create a warm, friendly and efficient environment and provide a healthy food service to the school community. They are assisted by volunteer parents who help with making lunches and serving students and staff.

Volunteers are usually rostered on 1 day per month from 9am to approximately 2pm but flexible arrangements can be made to suit when you are available. Volunteering in the canteen is an easy and informal way to meet other parents and staff and learn more about the school. You can see how your child interacts with their new peers, put faces to the names of their new friends, and yes – there is such a thing as a free lunch! For more information please contact Mel or Brenda at the canteen on 9939 7835 or check out the canteen page.

Bands of Manly Selective: The BOMSC subcommittee runs an extremely successful band program with 3 Wind Ensembles, 3 stage bands, a strings ensemble, a chamber orchestra and an improvisation workshop. Over 180 students from Years 7 to 12 are a part of the program, and every student who wants to participate in the program auditions each year to earn their place in the appropriate band(s). The band program provides students with opportunities to perform in professional environments and to take part in community and school events, as well as be part of regional tours or camps. In January 2012, a Senior Ensemble travelled to China, the third international tour for the band program. To ensure the students get a quality musical experience and education, the program employs 3 professional music directors, one for each major stream.

The Directors are responsible for the educational and artistic elements of the program, with parent volunteers managing the administration. An open meeting for all band parents and carers is held once a term. The Band Committee Executive meet on a regular basis to review ongoing operations and report back to this meeting. For more information please visit the band section of the P&C webpage to see the range of performances and tours our bands are involved in, the awards they have received and hear some performances.

Environment: The Environment subcommittee has done an excellent job in improving and maintaining the school grounds and facilities and implementing environmentally friendly systems in the school. Projects overseen by the Environment subcommittee have included: preserving the excellent example of sandstone heath bushland within the school grounds, securing grants for water saving devices & solar panels & installing extra seating in the playground. The subcommittee also organises working bees to improve the school environment.

Technology: The Technology subcommittee works with staff to monitor and upgrade the school’s technology capabilities according to the MSC technology strategic plan. Parents with expertise in this field are encouraged to participate in this ongoing work, particularly as a new parent will be needed after next year to head this subcommittee.

Uniform: A second-hand uniform shop is run by parent volunteers. It is located under the TAS block close to the Abbott Road bus shelter and is open on the first Tuesday of each month during the school term from 8.00am until 9.30am. It sells donated uniforms and all money raised goes directly to the P & C. On Orientation Day we will be set up in the change rooms near the hall.

Executive: The MSC P&C Executive consists of a President, one or two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and other parents to ensure at least one representative of each year. This allows an insight and perspective on the whole school community. It is involved in numerous activities such as:

  • the Finance committee which oversees the building and technology funds
  • representing MSC at NBSC Parents Advisory Groupdevelopment and monitoring of the MSC P&C website
  • support and advice for the MSC Excellence Fund
  • representation on the District and Regional P&C Councils
  • public relations
  • liaising with SRC and the school’s teachers and support staff.

Tony Rudd, MSC Principal, attends P&C meetings and consults with the Executive on many school initiatives. The executive also proposes ideas on how to use the P&C donations to improve student welfare and facilities. If you have a particular expertise that you think would assist the Executive to better help the school, please contact us via the website or fill out the volunteer form.