Excellence Fund


The Excellence Fund was established to encourage and recognise student participation at higher representative levels with financial assistance.

The fund is funded and administered by the Manly Selective Campus Parents and Citizens Association (P&C), which reserves absolute discretion in it’s decisions.

Fund criteria and application guidelines will be advertised at least every term in The Weekly Pines.


  1. The Excellence Fund is open to applications from all students of Manly Selective Campus.
  2. The student must have been selected to compete or perform at a state level or higher in a school related academic, sporting or cultural activity as a representative of Manly Selective Campus and/or Northern Beaches Secondary College.
  3. The maximum allocation from the fund is $400 per student per annum.
  4. Applications for funding can be made at any time after official notification of selection / participation up to no later than 1 month after completion of the event.
  5. Applications must be made in writing, addressed to the P&C President and lodged with the school Principal.
  6. The application is to include details of the event / activity and adequate proof of the applicant’s selection for this event / activity
  7. The Principal will review the application and provide a recommendation to the P&C Executive as to the applicants suitability under the funds guidelines.
  8. The P&C Executive will consider all appications for funding received from the school Principal and advise the next General Meeting of the P&C the outcome. The executive can approve applications to the budgeting limit without approval of the general meeting. Variations to the budget must be approved by the General Meeting of the P&C. The decision of the P&C is final and no correspondance will be entered into.
  9. All applicants will be advised in writing as to the P&C decision.
  10. All successful applications are requested to provide to the P&C Secretary, within one month of completion of the activity, a brief summary of the event. This material may be used by the P&C in any reasonable way it sees fit.
  11. All changes to these guidelines are to be submitted to a general meeting of the P&C for approval.

Typical awards are for up to $400 per student and each year the P&C  sets aside sufficient funds for several awards.

Recent awards have been made for students in the areas of athletics, music, triathlons and diving.