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High school is a time of increasing independence for students. As students expand their social circle, it can be hard to find the details for other parents, especially as many like to maintain a cone of silence. From sleepovers to parties to formals, talking to other parents can put your mind at rest.

The students organised a harbour cruise but there was no formal information going home about where/when/how it was being supervised. We interfering, paranoid parents had no right to be worrying about what would happen when our kids spilled back onto shore at 11.30 at Manly. In reality it was very well run and very well supervised (by some parents and security people) with alcohol totally off limits. All the fear uncertainty and doubt could have been very easily dispelled if we had better communications. 

The school does not disclose parent details for privacy reasons, so the P&C provides this capability as an opt in service. Enter your details into the form below to register for the year list. Each parent/carer will each need to fill in the form. Each individual signing up must have a unique email address.

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