Welcome to 2017

Welcome back (or Welcome To) Manly Selective Campus for what, we’re sure, will be a fantastic 2016.

2015 was a great year for the parent community of MSC where, amongst other things, we saw the completion of the new entrances to the school together with upgraded landscaping and a new electronic sign.  2016 promises to be a busy year with a working bee targeted for middle of the year and a list of initiatives for P&C support.

All families are invited to participate at the P&C Meetings, held on the 3rd and 8th Wednesdays of term. The meetings are at 7pm in the Library and everyone is welcome – come along and actively get involved in supporting your students’ school.

Meetings Term 1:  Wednesday Feb 10th /  Wednesday March 16th /

Meetings Term 2: Wednesday May 11th /  Wednesday June 15th

All families are encouraged to complete the Year Lists here. This allows you to share your contact details (student name, address, contact phone numbers) with other parents in the year – a very useful thing for organising car pooling as well as social activities.

We hope all students and families are feeling settled at MSC and look forward to seeing you at upcoming events

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Welcome to the P&C

Here you will find some of the background to who we are and what role we play in the Manly Selective community. This is truly an outstanding school in so many ways and that takes great students, terrific staff and parents, families and friends that are closely involved in any number of ways. Here you will find some information on what that means and how you too can become involved, but please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the Executive if you have an idea, a question or just want to have a chat about the school.

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P&C AGM was held on Wednesday 25th November, 2015

The P&C held the AGM on Wednesday night. The meeting was well attended and we covered a lot of ground as we reviewed another successful year at the school and made plans for the coming year.

Things are in good hands with all these wonderful volunteers but there is always more that can be done, so if you have an idea or would like to become involved but not sure how please come and talk to us. We will certainly be looking for some help next year organising a social and fund raising event for term 2 and there will be a working bee as soon as we can organise that too.

All the reports from last night as well as the projects for last year and this coming year are on the AGM tab if you would like to see more details.

So that’s it for this year from the P&C – enjoy the rest of the school year, have a wonderful summer break and see you in 2016.

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Update on the P&C Federation

Some of you may have also seen reports in the papers regarding the NSW P&C Federation this week, and wondering what is going on and does it matter. In short the NSW Federation has been pretty much dysfunctional at the Executive level for a year or more with conflict, rival groups and generally bad behaviour. It got to the point that the Minister withheld their government money (they also raise funds through affiliations from school P&Cs like ours) until they got their act together. Turns out they haven’t got their act together and there are 2 separate groups claiming to run the Federation. In response to this complete circus the Minister is now planning to clear out the organisation and start again. There is more to it than that, but you get the drift.

The more important question is – does it matter to us? At the direct level the answer is pretty much no. We are affiliated to the Federation and this provides us with advice and support services, as well as the right to participate in the voting, debates etc. We also have our liability insurances through the federation. As far as we understand the situation, the services and the insurance are unaffected.  We will, of course, keep an eye on this.

It is the governance structures and the executive committee that is not working.  This means the Federation is not fulfilling its role of representing the parent voice in the education debate, DEC advisory groups and so on. This is what is frustrating the Minister, as it should, and should be of concern to all parents of children in the public system in NSW. At that level it does matter to us and we will add our voice to the growing demand for a swift resolution.

I recently received an email from David Hope President of the P&C Northern Sydney District Council which give s a detailed update on what is happening, with some good links for more information if you wish to pursue this further. The content of this email can be found here.


If you would like to know more, or discuss any of this please don’t hesitate to contact me via email pelicans@pobox.com  or phone 0414918817. Bill Hawkins, P&C President.

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Report from P&C Meeting, 12th Feb, 2014

What a fabulous turnout we had for the first P&C meeting of 2014, with 22 parents coming along on Wednesday evening, Feb 12, to have a say and lend a hand. Many of the ‘old-timers’ commented that it was the biggest P&C meeting in memory – thank you to everyone concerned. 

Here is a summary of this busy and enjoyable meeting:

  • Principal Tony Rudd spoke about HSC results at Manly in 2013
  • The Deputy VP position is vacant after Meg Tulk’s retirement last year. The search is continuing. The Head of Social Science position has been re-advertised.
  • Library Staffing – extra staff sometimes needed especially around HSC time as most kids are in the library
  • Bus Shelter Staffing – mentioned by the group about the mad panic at end of school time for students rushing to their buses.  Tony to review whether there is adequate staff and to look at process of how kids get to their bus.
  • Student Participation –Tony would like to encourage the children of MCS to look at the following programmes:
  1. Order of Australia Award – community service ( nominated by staff)
  2. Warringah Council – Outback Youth Exchange – highly recommended to participate – 6 applicants chosen
  3. Australia my country – RSL – culminates on Anzac Day
  • New Telephone System – A new phone system was installed in school over the holidays replacing an obsolete phone system, resulting in a  phone in each classroom.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Report issued, with budget and Project List
  • Environment Report – Verbal update by David Nord. David explained to the forum what his role was.  Basically a project manager for how we spend our money.  David is looking for assistance in this area, someone who can help get quotes and help run the various projects. The project list issued by Michelle was also discussed and he shared with forum in particular for the new parents past projects.
  • Canteen Reports – Verbal update by Deb Miller, prices will change and will be advertised on web site
  • Band Alison Auld mentioned that band is no longer under the P & C, due to the turnover  > $100k.  Band committees meet separately.
  • Alumni  – Ben Mills, nothing to report.
  • Technology  – Vivek Rao, verbal update
  • Peter Dawes head of technology,  discussion about BYOT, due to have technology meeting and what is being done, 2014 year 7  about  17-18 parents keen to contribute to MSC technology improvement with appropriate skills.  P & C is to supplement if required schools technology committee.
  • Second Hand Uniform Shop – Sandra Salmon, $1580 in the bank as a result of her tireless efforts– awesome!. 
  • New Business – Bill Hawkins, President. Bill’s to-do list – trying to get a fundraising team together.  How to use the system better to get money allocated to MSC?.  Is it worth our P & C employing an expert who can help us navigate the grant system better?  To be discussed again at next P&C.
  • Excellence Fund – P & C has been able to grant up to $250 to students representing the school at national and international level – the meeting agreed to  increase this to $400 to recognise the excellence of these students and the expense of taking part in their national activities.
  • Next Meeting – Wednesday 19th March 2014, Library at 7pm . Close of meeting 9.05pm

Thank you to everyone who attended the evening. Your contributions are valuable and very important to the life of Manly Campus!


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